A Bend in the Road – 3

Part 3

The Country Road
bears witness, gives testimony
still stands , though it never stands still
Still runs ,though it never runs away :
What do you call that ?

When all you get to eat
Is a carrot and some bones
When all your beds and sofas
Are some mounds and some stones
When everything is crappy
And all that makes you happy
Is a nap , an exchanged cap
Or rhyming rap , and that’s a wrap :
What do you call it ?

Yes , Sir ! What do you call it ?
No , Sir ! What do you call it ?
Three bags full , Sir ! What do you call it ?
I have forgotten
Tell me

Call it absurd
Call it the great void
Call it nothing

A bend in the country road , Mr Toad
A twist in the plot of the story, McRory
A sting in the tail of the tale , Abigail
See ya later , Alligator
In a while , Crocodile

May I give you a hug
In this brief life ?

Hug , hog ?
Hug , pig ?
Hug , dog ?
Hug , pug ?

Absurd !
I’m not your bird
You …. !

Are you a man , a woman ,
A hog , a dog , a pig , a pug
A road, a toad, a tree or a country ?
A time , a rhyme , a reason , a season ?
Or are you Elon Musk
Civilisation’s dusk ?

How dare you ?

A science , a technology ,
A digital platform ?
Artificial Intelligence ?
The Fourth Industrial Revolution?
The Great Reset ?

Merde !

Are you the Depopulation Agenda ?
The Overdue Cull ?
The Anthropocene ?
Or a Conspiracy Theory ?

Of .
You are dead .
Know it .
With your head .

Are you the paparazzi ?
The glitterati ? The twitterati ?
The cognoscenti ?
The Illuminati?
Are you Anarchy
Or global oligarchy ?
Are you the Firm ? The monarchy ?

What malarkey !
Don’t be snarky

Are you the End of Imagination ?
Are you the Platinum Plutocracy,
Mindless Mobocracy
Or dead crazy Democracy ?
Are you North Korean Media
Or hacked Wikipedia?
A Nuclear Gnome
Or the Human Genome ?

Best go home

Are you the Panama Papers ?
The Paradise Papers ?
Wikileaks ?
Or Guantanamo Bay ?

Nothing to say.

Are you Cambridge Analytica ?
Are you Mossack Fonseca ?
Appleby , Obermayer ?
Or Bauer , or Bayer?
Monsanto or Cargill ?
Are you over the hill ?

Say a prayer
Stay still

Are you Breitbart
Or Bannon?
Or the Rose of Shanon ?
Or Mercer
The Purser ?
Or are you , then ,
Edward Snowden ?
Or Julian Assange ?
Are you , at the very least , Arundhati Roy ?

No.No.Nay.Noy. No , Boy !

4 thoughts on “A Bend in the Road – 3

  1. VijayNair

    A highly allusive and evocative satirical poem filled with disparate voices.A performance piece( slam poetry).

    1. Amita Paul

      Thank you so much , Vijay Nair. It’s been described as rap as well . I didn’t have any particular genre in mind when I stated to write this : this is just how it came to me . I doubt if I’d have been able to write this as rap or slam deliberately if I’d tried to do so from before !


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