The Yearning Peacock


Resplendent flow its green tresses
A melange that mesmerises
Long rich velvet feathers cascade
Countless emerald eyes collate

A gift of pure art by divine
On Lord’s crown it’s ever entwined
Its elegance amaze viewers
The beauty of nature cures

Now what has disturbed this royal bird
Its eyes eagerly search beloved
Glance towards sycamore for signs
From terrace finely designed

Why don’t the rains pitter patter
that inspire to spread its feathers
Like aura of sprinkling flowers
In heavenly spurt of showers

Where’s its muse to inspire rain dance
How it yearns to go in a trance
Oh rains, manifest your fluent grace
Lend relief to peacock’s long wait

©®Sunila – 06/05/2017.

Charming Flower for Aesthetic eyes


A feast for the eyes, a feast for soul
O violet beauty, heaven’s orchid
Your purple petals demure as gowns fall
Soft supple shape with orange silken frills

Like a maiden dancing a ballet
Swirling gently in the western winds
On strings of melody played unseen
Inviting butterflies to join in

O heaven’s star when you bloom on earth
Poets pick their quills and poetry compose
Bees and blue birds flap their wings in mirth
In form of honey ambrosia flows

How beautiful you look in bouquets
Or when pinned in hair of a new bride
When in garlands on deities you grace
God forbid on dead bodies encase

Your petals pose as soft beds for ants
In your bosom come and go insects
Humans use your colours and fragrance
Your life’s an inspiration for man

O flower with charm for aesthetic eyes
Although your life span’s short, you are wise
In easing others’ tensions you aid
Your purpose is noble before you fade

©®Sunila – 10/05/2017.

Demon strikes again


A demon’s one who kills to take revenge
Loathes and finds no other way to avenge

Greater’s a demon who kills for pleasure
His hatred for man has no dearth or measure

Greatest’s the demon who kills innocent
Malignance peak in name of religion

In Manchester arena, Young sought fun
On 22nd May 2017, at Ariana Grande pop concert

Not knowing terror had an aperture
Vehement demon stalked at departure

A blast murdered short lived amusement
Screams of terror rebounded at 22:33 in stadium

Lone terrorist demon had struck with bomb
Killing 22 amongst which were many children

Blood and bodies scattered with 59 lying injured
Frantic parents searching missing children

Tears red, hearts seem dead, clouds black, skies clamour
When will end this massacre, senseless terror?

©®Sunila – 23/05/2017.


What anger you hibernate
Inside your frosted nostril
A creaking voice crumbles down
from your lofty lour

Unlamented you stand
on my ungregarious past
Whirling down multiple beats
Plucking stars by stormy nights

How you broke your hands
bashing into the air
Yet, I knew not
The oozing of your blood

Anger have substitute
Into my loving eyes
How you stand wrinkled and aged
A statue upon the desert sand

Let go, the anger
from your stony mount, that
I have taken a vow
To nurture your anger by my love

Let me care you, unseen, unknown
And unlamented die together
Dust into dust
Stealing the world into deep silence

For Saffie Rose Roussos

That day
The eight year old ‘Beautiful little girl’
mouthed the lyrics with Ariana Grande
Whose voice smoothly ascended sky high.
Did the little girl cast shy glances at her mommy?
While moving her lips along with her pop idol?
Now the eight- year- old- going- on- nine
Sings up there with the angels
Gearing to celebrate her ninth birthday.
Frolicking with the feisty clouds, popping popcorn
As war drums loudly beat on, on the earth below
Bleak and stormy.
Ah, may I see my Baby one last time
One Last Time
May be, I can see my baby, one last time.
A distraught mother searches for life in the dead lyrics
‘One last time, I need to be the one who takes you home
………..I promise after that I will let you go
Let you go …..’ She chokes.
And the sky watches poker faced.

[ Saffie Rose Roussos was an eight year old killed
in the terror attack on the Ariana Grande Concert
in Manchester on 22 May 2017 ]

All Begins and Ends in You

when once in life someone came
to fill out every inch of you
… then walked away
…leaving every dream behind

was it pain?
or living without life…

in everything we are here for,
there are reasons
…for every reason worth it all
…worth living for in joys and in pain

but sometimes we are just left
for the reasons of being left alone

sometimes we never took the time
to do little things left undone

until everything fades
and all that there was,
…is what is left in our mind
… been there with all the memories to last

then, memories remain
to be there forever

how can we end up
from where we start?
… how can we say goodbye?
… how can i say goodbye?

goodbyes are always the hardest to say
and the most painful to accept

goodbyes are always meant forever
and wishing it back is impossible

we know what is here
deep in our heart,
… wish there was never hellos
… to say goodbye

though it was a chance
for whatever there was

things were just never right
even from the very start
… and ends with “what is?”
… that is supposed to be

which only remains what is in the mind
a thought that should never be there

as it “all begins and ends in you”

in fiber Castell pencil drawing by suzette portes san jose
“ALL BEGINS AND ENDS IN YOU” by: psuzette portes san jose

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In Manchester

After the shock, words are rendered meaningless:
The scene is replayed on the screen within. Again and again
Young fans running through a smoke of screams–
The absurdity sinks in slowly
Soaking up the blood of teenage dreams.
We now know Saffie will not turn nine
And Georgina will not be hugged
By her idol Ariana again
And Olivia’s mother’s heartfelt hope
Was touching but in vain.
For some this waiting for the missing
Is living through many deaths in one lifetime
Though nothing is left unsaid of this loss of sense
With snapshots shared in sorrowful silence:
Another massacre of the innocents.
A blast of evil madness at the end
Of an evening of harmless entertainment
With young, adoring, shrieking fans singing along
To ” One Last Time”,
Ariana Grande’s final song.

Of Clocks and Faces

There are clocks older than time,

that would show us how little of it

there is left to spend,

were we only capable of

deciphering their numerals

we might hasten more

linger less decide sooner

hesitate only when we are done;

There are faces staring

into mirrors devoid

of any expectations,

their inscrutable reflections refusing

to conform to any predetermined

notions of content or structure;

the staring faces see nothing

not even themselves.

Every evening, these days

Every evening, these days;
Stars kneel to kiss my face goodnight:
’tis your voice in them that on stays.
When the flowers sweeten the air,
In their beautiful perfume lies the elegant flair,
of damsel so fair.

Day after day every evening;
under the great sky in silence,
sprouts my deathly solitude;
and when thoughts of you flood my courtyard,
I lie awake missing my fortunate days of yore.

Days leisurely spent meant so much then
with every promise sounding nothing but truth-
But now those times are no more,
and the night’s shade is upon my little world:
where can I find such priceless moments again;
Every evening, these days.