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About Gina

From USA, Gina is a children's literature author, freelance writer and performance poet; inspired by her family, neighbors, horses and friends.

Sending my angel

Sending my angel to you
To help your angel for awhile
You may need the extra wings
Flying in, reaping dreams

To guide you along the way
Anchor your feet while on this sphere
Scare your fears, bless your heart
I am keeping you always near

Inside my heart you are never lost
Good wishes to you, loving thoughts
You are part of me, me of you
Auras reside in perfect hues

Someday we will reminisce
Of the things we never knew
Things that seem so far
Things that make you you

Sending my angel to you
Only for a little while…

© gmcknight 1/14


When I look in the mirror
Your face slides in view
My eyes are not mine
They’re not the usual blue

They’re untamed, carefree
Sowing wild oats
Traveling the world
Reining down slopes

Galloping in corridors
Different and new
Searching lost venues
Taking your cues

The terrain gets steeper
The path is unsure
Faster and deeper
A quick changing tour

Now a wild wavy river
The territory divides
A quaint pressing shower
A scar you can’t hide

Catching your gaze
Through the high mountain pass
But the mirror’s too small
Please, a bigger glass…

(c) gmcknight 1/14


The baby is expected
In early morning March,
Late in the month
On Thursday’s watch;
Arriving along with
A harbinger thought

So the days know no boundaries,
They joyride and sneer;
They break off their colloquy
And stare over there

The baby is expected
In early morning March,
Late in the month
As Scorpio plots;
Arriving along with
A gibbous cough

So the days chauffeur moments,
They rejoice and retort;
They banter about feelings
And things over there

Come now sweet baby
Rest in my arms,
Late in the month
As the moon waves to Libra;
Arriving Altair…
And finally you’re here

(c) gmcknight 1/14

Remember me


I will write it down

So it will not be forgotten,

Time spent in thoughts;

Feelings will not be lost.


When we’re starry dust

And time remembers us no more,

Passages will come alive;

Resurrection will occur.


And emotions will run deep again

And mortality will rise,

Words will thread the cloth;

Life will weave the pages.


Sentences of loveliness

Held tight to my breast,

Dust assuaged, remember me;

The manuscript of ages.

(c) gmcknight 10/13


The sun hits your face
A radiant view

Gently you glide
In heavenly hues

You glance back at me
A whimsical grin

Knowing you hold
Every key to within

Angels and saints
Nothing but changelings

Now time passes quickly
Revealing true feelings

The chance was heartfelt
Fond memories accrue

Priceless pieces now gone
They’re somewhere near you

(c) gmcknight 5/13

Summer Fairy

More tea

You can make…

blues green
senseless joy
lines write
vows break
curls straight
silent distractions
worlds collide…

dreams meander
stars wander
tea sustenance
moonlight wanting
trees deities
everyone bonkers

Wishing you’d make
blues blue
minds cross
hands hold
more tea
time linger
hearts meld
dreams real

by gina mcknight 3/26/13


a hard courageous winter
drifts complacent snow
but the old mare braces for more
she dapples, then greys
pawing frozen terrain
she’s stoic, proud,
flicks her tail of stained pearls
sidestepping frozen thickets
non-garish in ruminations
bewitching casual forests
beseeching her master’s hand
she’s fading now
a bittersweet time
silent, still, dreamy somehow
her master she’ll miss, molasses and whip
her memories remain,
she was fashioned to serve,
made to adore,
never outpaced
she sees it now,
through wide-open gate,
it’s waiting for her
the celestial shore.
Gina 3/18/13
 AW8560h-Horse in snowstorm


Here I am
Holding the world
By a thread
Jutted, twisted
Only to miss you
There I am
Holding the wind
With a sulking heart
Ebbing, surging
Lost in your shadow
Near I am
Holding your hand
In a perfect place
Tender, polished
Why can’t you find me?
Gone I am
Holding no more
Thoughts of you
Recoiled, at sea
Only to miss you
(c) gmcknight 2/7/13


off the bearing rein
my feet pivot to unseen things
without definition, no explanation
of why I think of you
please, redeem what is yours
my inattentive walk, fainéant stride
consumed in fervent love
promenades to your compass, swirls
with expectations
please, hem me in your cloak
flying change of leads
where circles become squares
serpentines to nowhere
as I drift in thoughts
of you; feather me in your beret
I must not think of you; irrevocable thoughts
spewing shards of blue, mimic
eyes I can’t see; you’re an
unbearable temptation
please, oblige me infinity
@gmcknight 7/25/12


compare my hand
to what you know
different, better
nudge it slow
stroke my hand
holding dreams
yours, mine
lurk between
peruse my hand
see your life
captured, seized
perfect somehow
caress my hand
tarry there
among soft lines
furrowed deep
close your eyes
descry my hand
entwined with yours
there’s no escape
©gina mcknight 7/7/12