I Know That You Were There

(Newtown, Connecticut- December 14, 2012)

You saw the darkness of his heart
And shed an anguished tear,
But you bestowed free will on men
And could not interfere;

You knew that you would share the blame
For those you could not spare,
But when they cry out, “Where was God?”

…I know that you were there.

With one foot firm in heaven
And the other here on earth,
You welcomed every precious child
Upon their new rebirth;

You wiped the torment from their eyes
And smoothed their tousled hair,
Then gathered each in your embrace…

…I’m glad that you were there.

You came again to earth that night
And stood out in the rain
To search for those about to drown
In pools of swirling pain;

But only time can mend a heart
Destroyed beyond compare,
While you stand weeping at their side…

…I know that you’re still there.

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