6 haikus



Belly full of sky
Gulps even cloud-clods moving
The lake water still



(what is full will be content and still and will be a mirror reflecting the exact)




The autumn, an end,

Preamble to a new journey,

The colours, more cycles.


(autumn is a metaphor showing end .. it is also a harbinger  .. following by the calmness of winter.. then the colour  bursting spring)



Over the parched land

The summer wind howls, only

Flaked skin in tail


(Flaked skin – skin of Mother Earth – dust, a parched land needs water.. a troubled situation need calmness/quietude to settle down with it)




bet’n the birth and death

life flows carrying murky silt

curling uncurling


(silt is actually very fertile — yes, all experiences accumulate such fertile wisdom within us all along our life.. whether we are aware of it or not.. whether the experiences are good or bad)



River of thoughts

Behind it flows a song continual

Who is this third one?


(Note : Few days back I was actually doing something concentrating on what I was doing. And the though process was about the plus and minus of what I was doing. But there was a song continuously going on behind all those thoughts, which I have not heard recently at all. I am not sure how it happened. But the whole day I was listening to it. Now my question is who is this third who was watching these two parallel processes going on…? I am not simply exaggerating this. Just before sleep I was asking this same question to myself and hence this poem )




The birth and death

Empty are these two ends

Which is heavier?


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