Corona: The Purger

     Corona: The Purger

How beautiful and alive the days look like!
The smoke of material man has fade away,
The ‘waters are so ultramarine’
the firmament so pure,
Far from the Himalayas are seen crystal clear.
The birds chirp on the trees,
animals stroll onto roads and in reeds,
now the fishes and the frogs are free
to ‘leap about and play’ but we
Stuck in the cells of unbearable noise.
Unheard clamour and heard solitude is heard on roads and in fields
‘Cause Corona is here!
Corona, the avenger of the fowls
And friend of the innocents.

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About Jagdish Singh Ramana

Jagdish Singh Ramana is born on July 01, 1998 in Sriganganagar(Rajasthan) to a peasant Mr. Gurbaksh Singh and Mrs. Amarjeet Kaur. Masters in English Literature from Maharaja Ganga Singh University,Bikaner. He is a keen lover of Persian and Urdu poetry and History. He writes Persian and Urdu poetry with the nom de plume of 'Bekhabar-Khoshdil'(بی خبر خوشدل) literary means 'Ignorant cherished or happy heart'and in Punjabi 'Vadhu'(ਵਾਧੂ) means an 'Extra' or 'Good for nothing'.He is a translator in five languages and Well-versed in Punjabi;Hindi;Urdu;Persian etc. "Sometimes solitude is not silence and clamour is not noise." Growing my heart for poetic reflections....

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