Death Smiles

Death smiles

While Life watches on,


Death smiles

And I,

Broken and trodden,

Feel attracted to its warmth

Feeling as if

I were as insecure as a toddler

Desperately wanting to cling on

To that which I can feel safe with!

Death smiles

Amidst the seasons,

Amidst the uncaring attitude of humans,

Who realize not that the ego to which

They hold on to

Does not even belong to them!

Death smiles,

And I,

Feeling pulled,

Reaches out to it

As if it were the shore

While I am in a sinking ship!

Pray, after all,

Death does be engraved on our souls,

If it be the portal which would allow me

To see if I was right in choosing to grope on to faith

In a world which revolved around false pleasures


May I reach it!

6 thoughts on “Death Smiles

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Although on first reading it might be taken for a somewhat sombre and reflective work; it nevertheless is a fine exemplar of this author’s particular poetic metier.


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