Between Life and Death

Is it that Life moves on
Being so in love with Death?

Is it that it works in unison with
The scorcher of happiness
Wanting solely
To see it win
At the end of everything
So like a subtle lover
Feeling happy only when its beloved
In itself,
An ecstatic tempo rushing through it?

Pray, amidst this love duet
Between those two powers
That rule over me
I can only feel trapped
And insginificant,
As would be a particle of dust
In the vast atmosphere!

Why, if Life be in love with Death
Then does it need me
To keep its lover in glee?

Pray, then, wonder I
Does life even care about me
Does life even see about my own feelings
Does it even care to make me as ecstatic
As it strives to for its own lover?

After all, I remain a child of Life
Without my agony, without my suffering heart
Without my frightened self,
Would it not reach its end?

Like me, there remains millions and millions
Of others,
All children bearing the same DNA
All subject to Life’s moods and Death’s blows!

Why, whisper I to the silence engulfing me
You shall eventually reach your end, Life
While doing so,
Allow my beating heart to bloom into a
Pure and unique flower
Tended and well cared for
At the hands of my own gardener!

Like you, I swivel in love
Like you, I seek my soothe
Like you, I desire to be ecstatic while
Making my lover overjoyed!

Like you, I remain at love’s mercy
Like you, I have no power over my feelings
Like you, I just move on
Minding not my scars
Minding not my torn up pieces
Minding not the agony that you thrust at me
In the end,
I remain grateful to have been touched by you!

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