The Unshape of you


Some days I wake up

As Medusa’s child   

Fingers and thumbs       

A runaway girl

Sacrificial mom

Dotting daughter

The clothes in my wardrobe

Hang loose sometimes

Some days burst at the seams

Sometimes I show you my tattoo

A little glimpse of flesh

To go with it

I might like it

Done here a little

A little there

(The colour of that bruised soul?

Now, that I hide)

 I sleep at night

A lot like you do

I love my man

Yet fantasize that rank stranger

 I let my hair down

Meet up with friends

And you notice my wine

I play with the rim

You deduce I like it wild  

Just because I know

The white from the red

And I tell you

It depends on my mood

Whether I trim

Or shave

Or just let it grow dense

I too have urges

 Minus the bulges on parade


Will you call me a vixen?

Or one of you

Will you still dedicate?

A day for my ilk

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About Vands

Vandana Kumar is a bon vivant who loves travelling, working with young minds and exploring creative possibilities beyond the ordinary. She has done her masters in History from ‘Lady Shri Ram College’ – ‘University of Delhi’ and her Diplôme from the ‘Alliance Française de Delhi’. She is a middle school teacher and also translates for various publishing houses and corporates. An active member of various quiz clubs across Delhi. She has a soft corner for Calcutta where she spent her childhood. Her various passions include singing, playing the piano, composing music and participating in local music competitions. She describes herself as a dreamer…a wanderer and a certified incurable romantic…the romantic moorings worsened with all her fancy French studies. She contributes poems regularly to online magazines and has been published in a couple of anthologies. Poetry for her is her stress buster – her flight of fancy – and strangely – what keeps her rooted too.

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