Tequila shots of summer

Cursed be the one who will ever drink again
Tequila shots, beer and pink champagne
What was in my mind… Sand it was
Not neurons, just blank sand crystals
Tomatoes crushed cells fighting with
This sun blessed morning, blessed in excess
With this made of blades sun whose only purpose is to slice my entire being
Bits and bits of me try to regather the whole picture in vain
And the pain, this hammer that knocks my template is similar with the persistent wave
That digs under my feet
tormenting my steps on this beach
Drunken, sun beaten, defeated I crawl
Under an umbrella craving for a pair of sun glasses
Next to me a person, someone who very well could be Eve herself offers me hers
Is that obvious? I ask
She nodded and stands up
I relax in her shadow
Oh, yes, she is Eve in person
A pair of thong and in rest only summer
The pain is gone
Life can start again
Suddenly all the waves are my friends
In the evening, on the porch
My ears get accommodated with the shrieks of the gulls
Time for a beer or a Eve or both

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