We ring her bell

Holiday slowly conquers my joints
My knee, my thumb
Little knife stubs
Brown spots, coffin spots
As my eighty years old neighbour
Says laughing
Her laugh healed her from cancer
She lost a breast but this year
She visited the Spanish Riviera
When I am down
When my spine is numb
When all my ships are sunk
We ring her bell…

So the Black Sea is in her best mood
The holiday makes time insignifiant
We move around the pole
Hunting the shadow
A solar clock
The kid spends hours in the greenish liquid
Our skins darker and darker
Soon the only sign that we ever been
Away from home
Where first thing first
We’ll ring the bell
When I am numb
When my spine is down
When all the ships have sunk

4 thoughts on “We ring her bell

  1. Louis Kasatkin

    Deep philosophical waters navigated with the customary aplomb the reader has come to expect from this author.Nostalgia interwoven with ennui and the residues of existential loss.


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