Climbing a Hill

Climbing a hill

 mind drew beautiful pictures,

 Ensnaring beauty of the sky

I was close,

Grandeur of pine trees

 shaded with a perfect hand,

Cool breeze tickling the face,

Tiny droplets teasing the skin,

 A Journey to relish

 reaching an el dorado

 glittering as a jewel

 I always wanted to adorn myself with,

 Climbing was a pleasure

shins ached yet lent a joy,

 Reached well in time

 Before it was the dark of life,

 now no air

 live without oxygen. 

 On the lofty hills of love

 carry a special heart

 designed to beat like the one

 not the millions. 

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About Parneet Jaggi

Parneet Jaggi teaches English in a Post Graduate college in India. She has four collections of poems in English-" Beyond Words" (Writers Workshop, Calcutta, 2018), "Show me How Not to Grow" (Cyberwit, Allahabad, 2017), "Live Love Light" (Writers Workshop, Calcutta, 2014) and "Euphonies Of Heart And Soul" (Cyberwit, Allahabad, 2013). Her poems have been published in journals like The Enchanting Verses International Journal, the Taj Mahal Review, Contemporary Literary Review India, The Criterion etc. Her books, "Matthew Arnold and the Bhagavad Gita: A Study of His Poems" and "Social and Economic Values in the Teachings of Sikh Gurus" reveal her love for religion and philosophy.

4 thoughts on “Climbing a Hill

  1. Manpreet Singh

    To me this poem feels like an “association of sensibility”. That sublime feeling of being amidst natural phenomenons, even in this hot Indian summer I could imagine that fresh breeze softly hitting my face ,while reading this poem. Nice.


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