A Dramatic Story of Humans

Humans were
Heaven men
All was true.
Now they are hue-men
coloured with shades of ego,

It is a world of the minds
wanting to subdue more minds.
The real ‘we’ disappeared 
somewhere amid the clouds.
We sit in meditation to find the lost ‘we’.
Mind takes over
to see the existence evaporating repeatedly. 
Humanity now
is a story of minds
not of existence.
Ideas proliferating like cells in body,
Seemingly outweighing oxygen in the air.
A dramatic story of humans,  the superior race.

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About Parneet Jaggi

Parneet Jaggi teaches English in Rajasthan, India. She has four collections of poems in English-" Beyond Words" , "Show me How Not to Grow", "Live Love Light" and "Euphonies Of Heart And Soul". Her books, "Matthew Arnold and the Bhagavad Gita: A Study of His Poems" and "Social and Economic Values in the Teachings of Sikh Gurus" reveal her love for religion and philosophy. She is a bilingual poet(English, Punjabi), editor, critic and novelist. Recently her novel "The Call of the Citadel" (co-authored) was released on Amazon. It is a historical fiction revisiting the Indus Valley Civilization and its enigmatic landscape.

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